So iOS 9.1 has patched the Pangu 9 jailbreak exploits, which means that iOS 9.1 cannot be jailbroken with the Pangu 9 tool. Well, for those who have not updated to iOS 9 or have accidentally updated to iOS 9.1, you must know that Apple has already stopped signing iOS 9.0.2, the latest jailbreakable version. This means that if you were already not on iOS 9.0.2, you can’t upgrade or downgrade now. Also, you can’t go back to any older jailbreakable iOS version, as Apple does not allow downgrading for the simple fact that the company hates jailbreaks. So if there was any way to go back to older iOS versions, users could have easily received an infinite jailbreak.

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tinyumbrella download mac

However, the downgrade was possible before iOS 6, when Apple had not patched the loophole which allowed downgrading. Remember TinyUmbrella ? The tool which allows you to save SHSH blobs ? Well, that was the tool that helped users at that time to save their SHSH blobs and thus create a custom IPSW file of that jailbreakable iOS version, which could be used whenever the user wanted in order to go back to that firmware and install a jailbreak. However, what happens now is that after releasing a new version of iOS, Apple does not sign the older version any more, thus not providing the SHSH blobs any more. This prevents you from performing a downgrade.

Image : Tinyumbrella running on Mac


For those who don’t know, the loophole was closed for iOS 7 or later and also for iPhone 4s and newer devices. So basically, you cannot downgrade to iOS 6.x with the help of SHSH blobs unless you have got the now-primitive iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad 2.

There’s no way we can downgrade iOS now, but there’s still hope that a new method will come in soon. This is the reason why it is advised that SHSH blobs must always be backed up just in case. Thankfully, TinyUmbrella, the tool which allows to save SHSH blobs, has been updated for supporting iOS 8.2 or lower. The developer of the tool indicates that downgrading to previous iOS versions might be possible using the blobs.

Download TinyUmbrella on Mac :

Make sure you use TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH blobs. It will help you to go back to an older jailbreakable iOS firmware in case someone finds a downgrade method in the future.

  1. TinyUmbrella – OSX App and Installer [ official link ]
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  1. Hi, I’m trying to use TU on macOS Sierra and it is not working. Everytime I started it shows an Startup Error and there’s no way it’ll work. What should I do?

    1. Hey , you have to allow the unindentified developer option under System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Allow Apps downloaded from > Unidentified Developers

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