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A lot of people end up with their iPhone stuck in the Recovery Mode and then desperately search ways to fix the problem. Even though its a small and common problem, it is still very difficult to have a non-functional device, especially when it’s your primary smartphone. Your iPhone can go into the recovery mode and get stuck there in case you yourself activated the recovery mode to fix another problem. It is also possible that while trying to jailbreak your iOS device, something went wrong and the recovery mode kicked in. You may also get stuck in recovery mode while updating to a newer iOS version. Thankfully, the issue is a small one and can be resolved easily.

Image : Fix Recovery with TinyUmbrella

fix recovery tinyumbrella

Typically when your iOS device gets stuck in the recovery mode, you need to say goodbye to all your settings and data as you need to perform a fresh iTunes restore. In case you took an iTunes backup, you will not lose any data. But if you forgot to take a backup quite a lot of weeks ago, then you might have to face data loss if you perform an iTunes restore.

Fortunately, you can resolve the stuck at recovery mode issue with the TinyUmbrella tool also. And the best part of using this software is that most of the time, it pulls your iPhone out of the recovery mode without erasing any data or settings. Even though TinyUmbrella is usually used for saving SHSHs blobs and downgrading to older iOS versions, it also helps you bring your iOS devices out of the recovery mode. This tool also works for iPod Touch or iPad devices stuck in recovery mode. Just follow the simple steps given below to remove your iOS device from recovery mode.

Remove iPhone from Recovery Mode using TinyUmbrella

  1. Download TinyUmbrella tool. It is available for Mac as well as Windows.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB while it is still stuck in recovery mode.
  3. Launch TinyUmbrella and wait until the tool recognizes your iPhone.
  4. Once your iPhone is detected, TinyUmbrella will automatically tell you that your device is in recovery mode.
  5. Now click the Exit Recovery button in TinyUmbrella. This will remove your iPhone from the recovery mode almost instantly. tinyumbrella fix recovery1

After you follow the above listed steps, your iPhone will exit recovery mode and will boot up normally.

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  1. Hi!
    I’ve downloaded tinyumbrella but I can’t see the option for exit recovery, my window doesn’t have options at all…
    Maybe I have an older version?

  2. I’ve downloaded tiny umbrella on my computer but its nothing like the tiny umbrella im used tooo and it doesnt look like the one in this post and doesnt have the option to fix recovery. is there a way i can do it in the new one or will I have to try find an older version that supports iphone 5s ios 9.1

  3. Can you let us download older versions of tinyumbrella? I am still using an Iphone 4, but I can’t find the older versions. Thanks!

  4. Do they never check these FAQs? It seems everyone is having the same problem of not being able to exit recovery with the new beta version of tinyumbrella. Any solutions? It seems that this was the main use for tinyumbrella so I’m confused as to why it’s no longer available!

  5. When installed, McAfee blocks this, because it contains a trojan called “Artemis!”… Not very safe. A quick google search verifies this as being a pretty bad. Not very pleased I would have had to bring my PC into the shop.

  6. Hi!
    I’ve downloaded tinyumbrella but I can’t see the option for exit recovery, my window doesn’t have options at all…
    Maybe I have an older version?

  7. Ok so I’m working with an hp comp on weirdos 10,(aka windows10) any way ive got an iPhone 5 and I did an update and bam it said error something and connect to iTunes… anyway I’m at the point where it gets to 60% of downloading and then hits me with error (-1) and ive tried and tried and tried.. still -1 took it to a shop that claims they can repair iphones and dude said it was a bad mobo??? WTF really from doing an update how the fck can that happen???? does anyone or is there any guaranteed no fail simple way of fixing this?? besides destructing it

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