In this page we will cover Frequently Asked Questions about Tinyumbrella and SHSH Blobs . We will also discuss the importance of using the TinyUmbrella app for your iOS device which includes the iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. For using Tinyumbrella , you would need a Mac or a PC with compatible 32 bit and 64 bit installer.

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1. What is an SHSH ?

SHSH stands for Secure Signature Hash. Simply said, it’s a unique key.

2. Why are SHSHs needed ?

You can only restore to those iOS versions which are signed by Apple, which only happens for a limited amount of time. After Apple has stopped signing the SHSH signatures for a particular firmware, then that version of iOS cannot be restored ever again.

3. What does TinyUmbrella do ?

TU requests SHSHs for assisting firmware restores, and it plays back those SHSHs to enable iTunes to restore to the firmware. TinyUmbrella helps you save SHSHs and create a pre-signed firmware file so that you can restore to that particular firmware whenever you like.

4. Why does TinyUmbrella show the “You are too late” alert ?

This error might come up for two reasons. a) You might be trying to save SHSH blobs after Apple has stopped signing that particular iOS version. b) The option to Request SHSH from Cydia that is given in TinyUmbrella’s advanced tab might be unchecked. You need to check it, as Cydia is unable to act as a proxy for SHSH requests. A fix for this is being worked on.

5. TinyUmbrella had saved my SHSHs, but Cydia isn’t showing them./ Cydia shows only the X, Y, and Z SHSHs and not the A, B, and C ones.

Cydia makes a cache of the home page and refreshes it irregularly. So if you have all the SHSHs for iOS 4.0 to now and yet Cydia displays only the SHSHs up to iOS 4.2.1, then you must check the same with TinyUmbrella. If TU indicates that Cydia has got all your SHSHs, then you don’t need to be worried as Cydia might not show all of them.

6. My iOS device is running on iOS x.x.x. But I’m unable to restore that version to my other iOS devices.

In case you had not saved the SHSHs for the firmware while it was still being signed by Apple, there is no way you can get those SHSHs. Without the SHSHs of that particular iOS version, you cannot restore to that firmware. You must always make it a habit to backup your SHSHs using TinyUmbrella so that you can have the option to downgrade to that firmware in case a method for it comes up in the future.

7. Why is TinyUmbrella written in Java ?

Java is one of the easiest languages for writing a fairly complex application very quickly and make it run on Mac as well as Windows. Besides, Sephore, the developer of TinyUmbrella, is very familiar with Java.

8. Why are SHSHs also called signatures and blobs ?

All the three names can be interchanged. Blob is a key which contains the actual data part of the SHSHs. Meanwhile, an SHSH is a long data sequence representing a hash or a unique value of the personalized files stored in your IPSW (firmware file). A single SHSH file saved by TinyUmbrella contains more than 20 SHSHs, and each one of them is important for properly restoring the firmware.

9. TinyUmbrella requires administrator privileges. Why ?

TinyUmbrella makes modifications in the hosts file of your computer, and also listens to port 80 of the machine. These actions require admin privileges.

10. What is the hosts file ?

The hosts file in your computer handles all the mapping host names to their IP addresses.

11. TinyUmbrella can’t listen to port 80 or needs to kill a PID. How can I resolve it?

This is a common but complicated issue. You can fix this using the following steps.

Windows :

  1. Go to Start > Run > services.msc and hit Enter.
  2. Find any application like Apache that runs on port 80 and kill it.
  3. In case this does not fix the error, try searching the issue on Google.

Mac :

  1. Go to System Preferences > Sharing and uncheck the Web Sharing option.
  2. Kill all the programs that use port 80. Example- PlayOn, TeamViewer, Skype, etc.
  3. Launch Terminal and enter this command- sudo lsof -i :80 | grep LISTEN. If you see an app running, then run this command- sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -i :80 | grep LISTEN | awk ‘{print $2}’)
  4. In case this fix does not work for you, try consulting Google.

12. How to save the SHSH’s in Cydia?

In case you have enabled the Request SHSH From Cydia option in TinyUmbrella, then the SHSH requests are sent via Cydia. So if you have already saved SHSHs, then Cydia has stored them. Also, you cannot force Cydia to save SHSHs of older iOS versions due to security concerns.

13. In Mac, TinyUmbrella crashes when opened. The console.app shows the error 255. How can it be fixed?

This issue is related to permissions. You can fix this in a few simple steps:

  1. Launch Terminal and run the following command: sudo chown- R $USER ~ sudo chmod -R u+rw ~
  2. Now re-install TinyUmbrella and it should work fine now.
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  1. Hi how to instal tinyumbrella i have instal and find startup error, an error has occured during startup, i already instal java, please help me

  2. When I open TinyUmbrella, it says that I have the wrong architecture so it can’t connect to my device. Is there a way to fix this?

  3. Help me out !!!
    If apple has stopped sign in of some ios versions than we can not jail break it but still are we able to get it out from apple id lock (Icloud lock) ?
    Please let me know which ios version apple does not sign in.
    Thank you.

  4. is it possible that i could downgrade ios9 to a lower jailbreakable ios version for iphone 5/5s using tiny umbrella tools or whatever tools ?

    thx a lot

  5. I’ve got the same ERROR “TinyAppBuilder -- Unable to create application”
    Using Java v1.8.0_102 64 bit
    Using tinyumbrella_windows-x64_9_3_4 version
    Files jgcommon.ja_ -- 0 bytes, jglooks.ja_ -- 0 bytes in \.tu\.cache dir.

  6. I’ve installed TU x64 and updated my Java x64. Then after doing all that TU downloaded some libraries then after that it closes by itself. I tried relaunching but it only shows “Verifying libraries” then closes again. Any fix to this problem?

  7. Im having issues with windows 10 launching tiny umbrella, it pops up saying verifying libraries and then dissappears

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