Fix Error Code 3194 during iPhone Restore

Some iPhone users never have a problem on their devices but others report that their iPhone is unresponsive or is full of bugs. Most times, this is because they have downloaded apps from unverified sources or visited a website that maybe isn’t quite what it seems to be. Whatever caused the problem, your iPhone now needs to be fixed and you can do that without needing to take it to a repair shop. All you do is reset your device or restore it using iTunes. But wait; what is this error 3194 that just appeared ? Error 3194 is an iTunes error that appears when iTunes struggles to connect to the Apple servers for one reason or another. So, we’ve pulled together a few tips that you can try to solve this 3194 error.

Image : Error 3104 Fix

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection :

The 3194 error could be something a simple as your own internet connection so check it; open other websites or programs in your computer to see if they work. If everything else works and you have VPN software, have a look at it – many proxies will block iTunes from connecting to the Apple servers. If that is the case, you will need to disable it temporarily.

Disable Firewall and Antivirus :

Both of these will interfere with the connection between iTunes and the Apple servers and can throw up the iTunes 3194 error code. The firewall on Windows is the worst because, even though an app may be perfectly safe, it will still be blocked through the firewall. To disable your firewall while you are using iTunes, click the Start menu and type in Firewall; choose the relevant result and, when the firewall control panel loads, disable it . Make sure you re-enable it once you are done with iTunes.

Your antivirus software can also interfere so open whatever program you are using, disable it while you use iTunes. Some programs allow you to pause it for a while but if you don’t have the option to pause or disable it, simply close it down completely so it isn’t running.

Once you have disabled your firewall and antivirus, reboot your computer and try the restore process in iTunes again. If you still have the error, make sure you enable your firewall and antivirus again to keep your computer safe.

Edit Hosts File :

This is a little more advanced and not everyone will feel comfortable doing this but it is a proven solution to fixing the 3194 error in iTunes, First, you must find your hosts file:

  • Mac OS X :  Go to /etc/hosts
  • Windows  : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

This file needs to be opened with a text editor, whatever you are running on your system , perhaps Notepad or WordPad.

Note : Microsoft Word is NOT a text editor so do not use this.  Once you open the file go to the bottom of it and type, as the last line,

Restart your computer and try again, you should now find the 3194 error is gone and you can safely restore your iPhone

Using TinyUmbrella App  :

This is a more advanced solution and should only be used once all other avenues have been tried. TinyUmbrella is a very powerful tool that can help you fix iTunes error code 3194:

  1. Download TinyUmbrella
  2. Connect your iPhone to it using the correct cable
  3. If iTunes opens automatically, close it down
  4. Open TinyUmbrella and wait for it to detect your iPhone
  5. When it has, click on Start TSS Server 
  6. Hold down the Shift [ Windows ] or Option [ Mac]  key on your keyboard and click on the firmware you want to restore to.

Note : 

TinyUmbrella may only allow you to do this on older iPhones. Right now the software is awaiting an update that will allow you to use it for restoring your device to any firmware that the SHSH blobs have been saved for. You can find out more about TinyUmbrella by clicking the link.

Did any of these help you to solve your 3194 error or did you find another way? Share it with us in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook for more useful iPhone tips and tricks.



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