How to Downgrade iPhone using TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrella is an incredibly popular tool that allows us to save our SHSH blobs and use them to downgrade our iOS version to an earlier one. Using TinyUmbrella is very simple and, once you have downloaded it and connected your device, your current blobs will be automatically saved. You should use it every time you upgrade your iOS version, no matter how minor the update is , TinyUmbrella will only downgrade your device to firmware where the SHSH blobs have been saved. Ready to downgrade your iPhone ?

Image : Downgrade iPhone using TinyUmbrella

How to Downgrade Your iPhone with TinyUmbrella:

  1. Download TinyUmbrella and save it to your desktop in a Pwnage folder 
  2. Download the iOS IPSW file for the firmware you want to restore to and save it to your desktop in a Pwnage file 
  3. From your desktop, double-click the TinyUmbrella icon to open it
  4. Connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure it detects your device  
  5. You should see a list of all the SHSH blobs for the firmware that you want to restore to , if you don’t see any, click on Save SHSH
  6. Now click the button that says Start TSS Server ,  if the server does not successful start, do NOT continue with these steps. 
  7. Open iTunes on your computer
  8. Now your iPhone needs to be put int DFU mode , hold the Power and Home buttons down simultaneously for 10 seconds; let go of the Power button but continue holding the Home button for a further 10 seconds
  9. In iTunes, choose your iPhone from the list on the left of the screen 
  10. Press the Shift [Windows ]  or ALT [ Mac ] key and click Restore in iTunes at the same time 
  11. Go to the Pwnage folder, click on the IPSW and then click on Open
  12. iTunes will now begin the process of downgrading your device to the chosen firmware.

Fixing Errors :

You may come up against Error 1 or you may find that your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode. In either case, you will need FixRecovery to get out of it.

  1. Download FixRecovery and extract the files
  2. Download zlib.dll and save it to your Pwnage file; extract the files
  3. Now put your iPhone into DFU mode again using the steps above
  4. Locate and double-click on fixrecvery43.exe
  5. Once the file has done its work, your iPhone will reboot.

That’s all there is to it; follow these steps carefully to downgrade your iPhone to your desired firmware and don’t forget to tell us how you get on.




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